Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Just because something has been deleted from your computer, doesn't mean it is gone forever. BITS can specialise in data recovery and can find your lost data from your PC, laptop or external Hard drives. Your data can be retrieved and usable again within a 48 hour turnover.

Have you accidentally deleted data?

BITS offers a range of data recovery options. Data can be recovered from hard disk drives with problems or faults, such as the drive making a clicking noise, data that is not detected on the hard drive, or from hard drives that are not recognised by operating systems.

Data can be accidentally erased while transferring, with a sudden power loss or any other situation where the PC or laptop system shuts down suddenly. Making sure that data is backed up regularly and correctly is one of the important and most reliable measure to prevent critical loss of data.

There are numerous contributors to data loss, although the most surprising is due to Human Error which accounts for at least 32% of all incidents. Human error can arise from accidental deletion and destruction of data, mistaken disk formatting, administration errors, mistreatment of computers, and even trauma cause by computers, laptops or external Hard drives being dropped. System Malfunctions account for 44% of users data loss occurrences, which are generally caused by electrical failures, hardware errors or damage and of course the most common on system crashes.

Recovering your data

How it's done:

The data recovery process is effectively moving the data from the exiting Hard drive to another physical Hard drive. Having the correct backup procedures and helpful advice that BITS offers will insure that data loss is kept to a minimum. We will analyse the situation and offer the best solution in a matter of minutes or hours depending on damage.

Data can be recovered from hard disks that have motor head, and electric and file system problems, as well as faulty or damaged USB drives. Using specialised data recovery equipment, hardware imaging and firmware repair, most missing data can be recovered or restored from laptops and PCs.