Cyber Security

BITS can help ensure that your network is secure, this prevents people from hacking into your computer. We can also help you ensure that all your software is up to date and that all of your passwords and personal information is secure.

Is your Computer or Laptop really secure?

Your computer could be at risk! Did you know...

  • 23% of computers do not have any active security protection.
  • 14% of computes have what is considered a high level of active threat.
  • 33% of computers have been affected by serious spyware, viruses or phishing.
  • 5% of all emails received are infected by malware Computer threats and viruses are up around 48% since 2008.

Managing virus and spyware problems as soon as they arise, and staying on top of new protocols and software, can ensure that you are safe on the internet. BITS also offers tutorials in keeping your computer secure.

Problems relating to software, such as Microsoft office products or iTunes can be fixed, peripheral devices such as printers and scanners. BITS also offers general maintenance services on laptops and PCs, which may involve a data clean up or an upgrade of software or hardware.

Staying Secure

As new and powerful viruses are created almost daily, regular updating of your anti-virus software is essential to ensure your systems are protected from possible damage or infection.

The best protection against these types of infections is to install and regularly update anti-virus software on each Computer and Laptop. As new and powerful viruses are constantly being created, regular updating of your anti-virus software is essential to ensure that your system is protected from possible infections. Keeping up to date with important windows updates is essential, to increase your computer security and to eliminate the security holes in the software.

BITS can eliminate Virus and Spyware infections from your network of computers quickly and cost effectively. Installation of antivirus and anti-spyware software will also be installed and demonstrated on how to maximise the protection of your computer, to minimise the chances or likelihood of an infection in the future.

For more information Contact BITS via email for a over the phone analysis and consultation.