Terms & Conditions pertaining to our products and services we provide:

When making a purchase of either a machine, or a service from BITS IT Pty Ltd, all transactions are covered by our terms and conditions, without exception. Please take the time to read through this document, when considering our services and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. By Employing BITS IT Pty Ltd you agree to our terms and conditions. A Copy is provided on our website and attached with every invoice. BITS IT Pty Ltd strives to provide the optimal satisfaction to all our customers, something demonstrated by the affirmations on our website. BITS IT Pty Ltd does however reserve the right to refuse service to any person. In order to ensure optimal satisfaction for you the customer, as well as our technicians, it is essential that clients inform us of any damages or known problems with the computer. Failing to do so will lengthen the service time and decrease the likelihood of your machine or systems being fixed to its optimal level.

When Considering Our Services…

When employing our services, you are choosing highly qualified technicians, who are well versed in a wide range of computer services. It must be recognised that when dealing with computers, there is always a small chance that unforseen events will lead to the loss of information or hardware. Backup of all data is the responsibility of the client unless specified. BITS IT Pty Ltd will also keep clients up to date with quotes, with detailed listings of different problems, as well as what is being done.


BITS IT Pty Ltd offers the highest level of service, note however that we are not liable/responsible if the
following should directly or consequently occurs:

  1. Any loss of data
  2. Faulty Hardware or software which impacts on the system or network
  3. Incompatibility between existing software or hardware
  4. Any outside security breaches, as a result of external hacking or viruses
  5. The support offered from third party applications
  6. The backing up of data or updating of security software


All payment for goods or service must be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. All payment must be made directly after consultations and completion of work. No credit options will be given. Pricing will vary based on the nature of the problem, the time and the location of the services needed. All goods supplied by BITS IT Pty Ltd are at additional cost from the service quote. All products purchased by BITS IT Pty Ltd remain our property until the customer has paid in full.


All verbal quotes given by BITS IT Pty Ltd are an estimate, based on information given by the client. This quotation is an approximation and does not assure this pricing. Any written quotes from BITS IT Pty Ltd are valid for 14 days and may rely on goods needing to be purchased remaining at the same price. All special offers and computer packages offered on the website may be changed without notice.


BITS IT Pty Ltd offers a one year, on site labour warranty, on products purchased through BITS IT Pty Ltd. This warranty does not cover mis-use or damage induced by the customer or circumstances beyond our control and in the event that a warranty issue call out is deemed miss use, fees will be incurred for the time and service.

No Fix, No Pay / Service Guarantee:

In the unlikely event that BITS IT Pty Ltd is not able to assist you with your computer needs, you will not be charged for our time or services. In situations where the computer is beyond repair, a replacement or upgrade will be considered the solution.

In employing BITS IT Pty Ltd, you are acknowledging that computers are complicated and that sometimes the initial diagnosis and hence pricing and the solution will change. You are also agreeing that problems that occur during the warranty period, which are unrelated to the initial service are not covered by warranty .
When you purchase equipment or software from BITS IT Pty Ltd we are acting as a third party selling hardware and software. In certain situations product warranty will lie with the manufacture, rather than directly through us.

Data backups:

BITS IT Pty Ltd will make every effort possible to protect all client data and information. Data maybe lost however for reasons beyond control, such as viruses, or data which is not properly saved by the customer. Before commencing computer upgrades or repairs, clients will be offered data recovery and back up, at additional cost and advised of the need to do this before servicing commences. Customers must understand that in the event of a hard drive needing to be formatted, all data will be lost. Files may also be lost if they are corrupt or unusable. BITS IT Pty Ltd’s ability to recover data will depend on the condition of your disk and the quality of data.

BITS IT Pty Ltd does not under any circumstance take responsibility for any data loss or loss of income due to data loss. It is the responsibility of you, the customer to ensure the data is backed up. unless specified.

Respect, privacy and confidentiality:

In providing the highest quality of IT support, BITS IT Pty Ltd may need to gain access to personal information, which may involve incidental copying. We respect your privacy and confidentiality and ensure that information collected, used and disclosed is done so in accordance with these terms and privacy laws.`


In the unlikely event that BITS IT Pty Ltd needs to cancel an appointment, for reasons beyond control, a makeup appointment will be scheduled at your convenience. In the event that you cancel an appointed with less than 24 hours, a call out fee will still be charged.