Virus and Spyware Removal

BITS can offer preventative measures for virus protection. Current virus protection can be upgraded on all PCs and laptops, with a wide range of available protection options, catering for your unique needs and budget.

Is your computer Infected?

Anti-virus and anti-spyware software are the two defences against virus and spyware infections. Without the correct software installed in your computer, the likelihood that your computer is already infected is extremely high. Viruses are spread from pc to pc, like a human flu. They are copied through storage media like CD's, DVD's, Thumb Flash drives, external Hard drives or most commonly through the internet.

If you have been infected by a virus or spyware infection that is currently dormant. You could potentially be spreading the virus to your friends and family through emails, CD's, DVD's, external Hard drives and thumb flash drives. Some viruses can spread rapidly out of your computer system and travel around your network, infecting all pc and laptops attached to your network. The affects of such viruses can quickly modify system files, or delete your personal and important data. If your computer or Laptop is infected with any kind of virus or spyware you will most likely notice slowness, instability in its operation or other unpredicted behaviour like constant errors, windows randomly shutting down or freezing.


What is Spyware?

Spyware is similarly software installed onto your computer without your knowledge. It can gather information about your computer which can be sent to you establish an internet connection. Unlike a virus, which attacks software programs. It can send details from your computer like keys you press on a keyboard (like passwords), photos, emails, email accounts and just about anything else on your computer. Anti spyware tools detect and eliminate these threats that may track your activities.

What is a Virus?

A computer virus is a computer program, or segment of computer code, that has been created by someone to perform some malicious task on a computer when the instructions it contains are activate. Some viruses will activate as soon as the infected file is opened, while others will lie dormant in your computer until activated by a trigger, such as a specific date, or the user performing a specific action like reading one of their emails. Viruses can be spread in a variety of ways:

  • email attachments
  • hidden inside files on floppy disks, copied CDs or DVDs
  • downloaded from infected files on websites on the Internet, even when simply browsing.

Computers we supply

All new computers built by us are installed with appropriate virus protection, free of charge. This software will be installed and updated on your computer to meet your personal needs and will ensure that your computer stays safe and virus free.